About Swank

Swank, Inc. has been a leader in providing high quality men’s fashion accessories since 1897.  Swank designs, sources, markets, and distributes a broad selection of high quality men’s jewelry, belts, personal leather accessories, and gifts throughout the country.  Swank’s high quality merchandise collections are sold through an impressive array of designer and private label brands.  Our merchandise programs appeal to all segments of the buying public and most are offered in a wide variety of retail channels including virtually all major US department and chain stores, mass merchandisers, and others. Swank has been in the accessories business for over 100 years.  With our experience, market savvy, and retailing alliances, we deliver exciting new products to consumers season after season. 

Credibility and trust since 1897. We're proud of our history...but our finest moment lies in our future. With over 100 years of experience in Men's Accessories, Swank has demonstrated that it is a name you can trust. Our longevity is due to maturity, determination, an instinct to survive, and an ability to adapt. Our passion for building successful accessory businesses is realized through long term relationships built on honesty and integrity. Swank, Inc. was acquired by Randa Accessories in 2012.

We specialize in working closely with the licensor to insure that the product, packaging and merchandising are of the highest quality and truly reflect the brand by flowing seamlessly with all other brand products.

Swank has forged strong relationships with every major retailer in the United States. We service their customers with a combination of our own dedicated Sales Force and a small group of independent Specialty Store Representatives, all of whom have been with us for many years. Our dedicated and committed team has insured stability and continuity of effort over time.

We completely understand the different classes of trade and take pride in our ability to create opportunity in each of them. Swank fully understands and recognizes the different target markets for each of its brands, and develops product accordingly. Swank is completely at ease in all classes of trade in the U.S. ranging from Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's to Sears and Kohl's.

A successful licensee must step in the shoes of the licensor. Our approach to packaging and fixturing reflect the vision and aspirations of each licensor. All fixturing and packaging are designed internally to integrate both the brand and product effectively.

Swank will partner with PR departments to facilitate editorial placement in national magazine and trade publications as well as celebrity product placement at the Emmys, Golden Globe Awards, and Grammys.

Swank develops, manufactures and ships all product category-specific fixtures in alignment with our partners’ needs. In this way Swank ensures the integrity of each brand and each product at point-of-sale. Additionally Swank executes extraordinary in-store service via Randa Accessories' industry-leading merchandising program with MCG and its 3,500 nationwide employees, more than 100 of whom are dedicated purely to men’s accessories. MCG secures prime real estate for our brands, sets up fixtures, maintains plan-o-grams, fills and organizes shelves, trains in-store personnel, conducts demonstrations, and sells our products. Swank provides unrivaled in-store support to our retail and brand partners.

Swank's process of planning, implementing, and controlling the operations of the supply chain is backed by an experienced support team. Our management of inventory and finished goods from point-of-origin to point-of-sale has proven to be quite effective. Swank warehouses and distributes its products from an advanced distribution center located in Taunton, Massachusetts, which has been recognized by Logistics Magazine for its highly-developed systems. Swank's distribution facility is integrated with the Randa global logistics system and supply chain. Randa logistics ships over 50 million units annually.